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Notice No.TitlePublished Date/TimeContact
1.c. SSE Gas Storage - Products & Services
31/03/2022 20:50
Head of Commercial Tel: 01738 275508
2. Steps to become a customer
15/09/2021 16:52
SSEHL Operations Tel:01738 453960
3. 2020 Storage Services Contract
14/02/2022 10:24
SSEHL Operations Tel:01738 453960
6.a. 2022/23 Hornsea Provisional Maintenance
31/03/2022 20:41
SSEHL Operations Tel:01738 453960
6.b. 2022/23 Aldbrough Provisional Maintenance
31/03/2022 21:02
SSEHL Operations Tel:01738 453960
7. HALO Authorised Representative Form
10/02/2022 14:35
SSEHL Operations Tel:01738 453960
Aldbrough Maximum Technical Capacity March 2022
24/03/2022 15:08
SSEHL Operations Tel:01738 453960
HALO Password Reset Requests
10/02/2022 14:36
SSEHL Operations Tel:01738 453960
Hornsea Aggregate Site Nominations Report
15/08/2022 18:00
Hornsea Operations Tel:01738 453960
Hornsea Annual Average Charge Rates
15/08/2022 05:00
Hornsea Operations Tel:01738 453960
Hornsea Maintenance Days & Factors Report
17/07/2022 05:00
Hornsea Operations Tel:01738 453960
Hornsea Maximum Technical Capacity February 2022
09/02/2022 11:08
Hornsea Operations Tel:01738 453960
Hornsea Site Standby Status Report
01/04/2022 05:00
Hornsea Operations Tel:01738 453960
Notice of Telephone Recording
09/05/2013 16:01
Hornsea Operations Tel:01738 453960
SSE Hornsea Ltd Privacy Notice
26/04/2018 11:46
Hornsea Operations Tel:01738 453960
SSEHL Storage Facility Report
15/08/2022 06:06
Hornsea Operations Tel:01738 453960

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